Evolution World Hot Cups

Evolution World Hot Cups

Evolution World™ PCF Hot Cups are made with 24% post-consumer fiber, the highest amount on the market today. That means that nearly a quarter of this material already lived a previous life somewhere else entirely. So after this paper was done galavanting around the world as art projects, office memo's, love letters, and shopping lists, we found it another life to live. Who knew recycled materials in everyday things like your coffee cup had such juicy secrets to tell?

Available in 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 oz. sizes (see colors at left)

Made with 24% post-consumer recycled office paper

Lined with Polyethylene (PE)

Not recyclable in most communities - Find out Why

Performs just like a traditional paper hot cup, while using less virgin fiber

Evolution World™ branding communicates your environmental commitment

FDA approved

Products made from recycled materials keep waste out of landfills

Choosing post-consumer recycled materials saves valuable resources

24% of the paper in these cups was recycled from previously used products