Square Sugarcane Plates

Square Sugarcane Plates

Square Sugarcane Plates are stylish alternatives to traditional paper or polystyrene plates. Designed to creatively communicate your green message, these plates are highly versitile, strong, and cut-resistant. Sugarcane fiber products are ASTM D6868 compliant for compostability and made from a reclaimed and renewable material.

Made from renewable and reclaimed resources

Made with sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource

Meet ASTM standards for compostability

Grease and cut resistant

Freezer safe

Traditional plates are made from petroleum, the world's most valuable, non-renewable resource.

Sugarcane products are made from rapidly renewable resources, not oil.

Our sugarcane products are made from a reclaimed resource that would otherwise have been burned.

Our sugarcane products are compostable in commercial compost facilities, but unfortunately not in your home compost.

Compost is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.

Composting helps divert waste from landfills.